My first photos on my new plastic Diana 120 Film Camera. Karl Grabe, Cork Nov 1969-70 . Jan 2013

My very first roll of film taken with a 10 schillings Diana camera purchased in Lehane's shop (now Centra) at the top of Rossa Avenue, Bishopstown in 1969. The film was purchased at the chemist in Uam Var Ave and the kind man behind the counter showed me how to put the black and white 120 paper backed roll film, -Agfa Isopan ISS 21, into my new camera. I walked out of the chemist and took my very first photo on the 4th Nov 1969 - first photo below - of Uam Var Grove. Following that are a map and 2 views of the same spot today.

The other photos are from the subsequent 4 films in 1969/70 including the famous Iona's Cessna EI-AOK at Cork Airport 29.04.1970 which was in the 1967 film "Robbery". On the runway is a Bristow Helicopters Westland Wessex mk.60 Reg: G-ATCB. Also shome ships in Cork Harbour and a photo of our house "Hannover" in Rossa Ave. Love the glass milk bottles on the porch! Also featured is a Dalkey train station in Co. Dublin and the Obelisk on Killiney hill. I was visiting my friend Joseph who lived in Dalkey. These photos are scanned from the 120 negatives, only some of which were printed in 1969 due to the cost so some I'm seeing for the first time 43 years later! The camera and typical 120 film are at the end of the album - page 2.

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